Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Back for a new begining

As the old phrase goes "we come full circle". It has been five months since I left employment in the private clubs of the wealthy where I had been working for ten years in four different clubs.

Now as the full circle goes I am returning to the first club I worked at however this time they came to me with an offer as a Facility manager. This is a turn of events I would never have expected for sure. This place brought many changes in life over the years I worked there from good to insignificant to bad. This is the place that I expanded my knowledge of facility maintenance, the place where I met #Taryn Smerecki now A #wedding planner for a St. Clair Shores florist. Then although she had and did not utilize her degree she was in housekeeping and laundry.

This is the place, this is the girl that for unknown reasons beyond fun and games convinced her compassionate coworkers and me her mother #Kristen was in the hospital dying of cancer, and after declaring she died even had me take her to a funeral home to plan the funeral. #Taryn #Smerecki took advantage of my compassion at a time when my life and marriage were in turmoil, she stole a piece of my heart seemingly alone  and in need, but when her  continued lies, her scams of hospitals, cancer charities and our employer, of her being sick, of hating her lesbian sister and an abusive boyfriend came out she then turned me out like trash.

Though this job had shortcomings I always enjoyed working there and met many good people during that time. I look forward to working there again and truly hope that the perils that came from my involvement with #Taryn #Smerecki don't come back to haunt me, it was an enjoyable job until the real truth of #Taryn #Smerecki and her lies came out, it has the potential of being an enjoyable experience again.

Let's hope for the best.